Happy List: December 23, 2018

Happy holidays! The final Christmas countdown has begun; decorations are up in full force, the final menu has been set, and the gifts are being wrapped. And, I’m so excited...It’s all happening!

So, let’s get into it! These are the things that have been keeping me going this week:

  1. My Family: My mom, stepdad, and brother came into town this week and I’m SO happy because I don’t see my parents very often since they live so far away. While sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated with getting back into the groove of family time, I am grateful that they fly up every year to spend the holidays with us. I’ve been having a great time roaming the Christmas markets and showing my parents all the new food I’ve been eating.

  2. Smoothies: I’ve been craving fruits like crazy! This happens every winter when they’re less readily available; it must be some kind of “want what you can’t have” type of thing. But regardless, in order to satisfy my cravings I’ve been having smoothie bowls. We buy big bags of frozen fruit every week and blend them with some almond milk and Rockin’ Wellness. Top it with granola and banana and you have yourself the best breakfast to keep you going in the morning!

  3. Shiatsu Back Massager: It’s been a very long week at work and I often come home really tired and sore. This week I loved spending the first 20-ish minutes at home cuddling with Momo while lying on our handy back massager. I’ve had a hard time winding down and “turning off” from work recently, so taking 20 minutes when I get home to fully relax has been helpful for me to just let go of the day.

  4. Headspace: As I just mentioned, I’ve been having a hard time resetting myself after work, and because of this I’ve been less patient and more irritable with my family and Carlos. I try to do a meditation every morning, but doing a session at night has been really helpful in my quest for continued mindfulness. It’s hard at first to get into it and I’m still not 100% sure that I’m doing it correctly, but I do feel like it helps me stay present which is more than enough for me.

  5. Paleo Bread: Toast is one of my favorite things -- I know it’s kind of random, but ever since I was a broke college student I’ve always loved having a piece of toast. It’s so versatile and can be eaten at any meal! So,it is one of the things I’ve missed most since changing up my eating habits. BUT, one of the vendors at the open market this week was selling Paleo Bread and it is a game changer! The ingredients are all “safe” for me (almond flour, psyllium husk, eggs, apple sauce, olive oil, baking powder, and sea salt) and did not make my tummy go crazy. It was a little pricey, so I’m looking forward to seeing if I can recreate it at home.

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