Work from Home Routine: Recovery Edition

Hello! I’m at home this week recovering from a small procedure I had on Tuesday to do some biopsies and a stomach endoscopy. Turns out I have multiple gastric ulcers and chronic gastritis, which basically means I have cold sores on my stomach and a weak stomach lining due to inflammation. Even though that isn’t necessarily good news, I’m so relieved to know what’s going on with my stomach and why it has been so sore! This solidifies my new eating regimen even more - I know that eating well will help prevent any further damage to my stomach, and I’m so excited to try out a few natural remedies for the ulcers, so stay tuned for that!

I’m super nosey and I love knowing how others spend their days, so I thought that I’d share my working at home routine from the past week. Working from home for me is so nice because I just love the vibe of my apartment; I feel so light and at ease in my home that it’s healing in and of itself. So, let’s get into it:

  • 6:30am: My body generally wakes me up pretty early to pee - probably because I chug a liter of water before I go to bed (I have major anxiety about being dehydrated). But, once I’m up at this time I have a hard time falling back to sleep! So, I’ll usually just lie in bed, start stretching out my stiff joints, and do a little meditation.

  • 8:00am: I can stay in bed a little later on days that I’m working from home, so I enjoy cuddles with Carlos and chatting about our yesterday’s. Since we work opposite schedules, we don’t spend evenings together, so having our morning quality time is really important! When we finally get up I start getting ready and making breakfast and Carlos takes Momo for a quick walk. Today we had scrambled eggs with gluten free english muffins and jam. Barry’s tea for me, coffee from our family friend’s farm for him.

  • 10:00am: By 10am I’ve fully gotten ready and I’m ready to start work. I usually switch between working at our kitchen counter or working on the couch. Either way, I really try not to work in bed because I try to keep work completely out of my bedroom - that space is only for Carlos and I, not for all of my work stress.

  • 12:00pm: Snack time! I try to eat lunch a little later because I sometimes like to exercise or go to yoga in the evenings and I don’t want to be too hungry for that, so I will have a little snack midday to get me through to lunch time. This week I snacked on bananas with cashew butter.

  • 1:45pm: One of the things I absolutely love about working from home is getting to spend time with Momo. Usually before lunch Momo and I go on a long walk around the park. I love spending a bit of time outside during work days. For me, the sun is truly revitalizing! So, even just a 20 minute walk in the park does wonders for my mood, especially during the winter when I tend to feel a little blue.

  • 2:00pm: LUNCH! I’m one of those people that thinks about lunch plans as soon as work starts. So, I’m always prepared for a good lunchtime mean. Today I had leftover quinoa with vegan coconut green curry that Carlos meal prepped for me. It is so frickin cold outside and our heat is broken in the apartment, so it was the perfect warm meal to have. I highly recommend meal prepping even when you’re working from home so you always have something on hand and you aren’t tempted by ordering.

  • 5:00pm: Another walk with Momo, this time it’s usually longer and more leisurely because my work day is winding down. We’ve been loving talking a long winding route around the park and stopping to play or people watch in the middle. Today though, it’s way too cold for Momo to be out for too long - after a while he starts to pick up his feet and limp because it’s so cold. We just went on a short stroll so he could do his business and came back in for a snack (blueberries and grapes).

  • 7:00pm: Work day done! I usually try to finish a bit earlier, but when I work from home I have a tendency to just completely lose track of time. Around 7 is when I turn on some Netflix and get dinner going. But, because I was recovering this week, Carlos prepped most of my meals in advanced, so I ate leftovers for most of the week. Tonight I had cauliflower soup with an open faced tuna salad sandwich on paleo bread.

  • 8:00pm: Tonight my sister stopped by to chat and say goodby before she heads on a weekend trip. We spent time gossiping and planning a dinner with our brother. Scheduling time to see my friends or my family when I’m working from home is incredibly important for me. If I don’t socialize, I get lonely and it causes my depression to pop up quite aggressively, so I really try to make time to see people! Plus for an extroverted introvert like me, seeing people can be really energizing and helps me keep going when I’m not feeling too well.

  • 9:30pm: At this point I’ve been pretty exhausted - recovering is hard work on my body and I really didn’t expect it! I thought I’d be at work the day after, fully ready to go. But, I’m learning that I really need to take things slow and let my body heal. So, I do my usual night time routine: turn my phone on Do Not Disturb, take Momo out for one last walk, take my meds, shower, chug a liter of water, and read in bed. I’m passed out by 11pm. Nighty night!