Travel: Pre and Post Travel Tips to Keep Chronic Pain at Bay

As you might know, I just went on a big trip. I was gone for over two weeks; first for a bit of TLC in Hawaii and then for a work conference in San Diego. I was extremely nervous to be away from home for so long and not have my established routine. So, I scheduled in a few things post pre and post travel that I knew would help ease any pain and calm me down.

First, Pre-travel:

  • One week before I left I saved for admin and making sure I showed my body some love:

    • I wrote up a guide of how to take care of Momo, since leaving him was making me really sad and nervous! But, it made me feel better to just write down exactly what his routine is so his babysitters were set up for success

    • I also made sure that we pre-paid all of our bills since we were traveling at the end of the month when our rent, utilities, and credit card bills were due

    • To prepare my body for the flight I went to acupuncture a few days before our flight and told my acupuncturist about my upcoming travels so she could focus on balancing my body for upcoming jetlag, flight pollution, etc.

    • I also did a 30-minute infrared sauna session to sweat out any toxins that could get my body out of whack while I traveled

  • One day before I left was a mad dash! I definitely wouldn’t fit this much in on my next trip, but this is what I did this time. (* = would do earlier in the future)

    • I did a deep clean of my apartment. Since my friends were house-sitting for us, I wanted to be sure my apartment was in tip-top shape to host my friends!*

    • I did all of our laundry because I didn’t want to come home to any dirty clothes in the hamper

    • I cleaned out the fridge and then stocked it up with my friends’ favorites*

    • I did a long hot yoga session so that I was nice and stretched out and relaxed for all the traveling

    • I packed everything and prepped all of my travel snacks*

Before I left, I made sure to schedule a few things for post-travel:

  • My mom took me to the grocery store the day I landed, which was so thoughtful and so helpful! I was able to stock up on daily essentials as well as a few things I knew my mom might like too :)

  • I am so lucky that my dad had also scheduled a low-key family dinner that night where he made a ton of food that were AIP friendly, so I didn’t need to worry about cooking on my first night home

  • A couple days after I landed I did another acupuncture session. It was AMAZING. The acupuncturist did a few techniques I wasn’t exposed to before like heated needles and electro-currents

  • I also made sure that I went to a few yoga classes throughout my trip. I honestly just naturally craved going to a class; it didn’t feel like a burden to go or like I was forcing myself to work out. I think that keeping active through the trip was so helpful in keeping my pain at bay!

10/10 would recommend any of the above tactics for less pain and stress while traveling!